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« December 19th, 2005 »

     Mazda B|EE|3000 is my second long-term, out of the ordinary automotive project. As the project is still in its infancy, the end goals and methods used to achieve those goals are still open ended and subject to change. However, the core objetive of this project is certain. I will be Electrically Enhancing my Mazda B3000 truck to make it a cleaner, more efficient vehicle which is not dependent on a single "fuel" source to operate. Thus, as of now, the end goal for this project is to convert my ordinary truck into some form of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

     Due to my current time and budget limitations, B|EE|3000 will be a long-term project which is likely to take longer to complete than my JeepEV project. So I sat down and came up with a list of all the modifications that I plan to include in this project, and divided them up into parts or "phases" to separate the simple, quick modifications from the harder, more time consuming modifications. Here's my basic plans for this conversion:

Phase 1:

Phase 2: Phase 3:

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