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Jeep XJ

     The mid-sized Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was made from 1984 to 2001. Developed in 1984 by AMC/Jeep, the Cherokee's design remained mostly the same through 1996. For the 1997 model year Jeep, now operating under Chrysler, updated the Cherokee (most noticeable by the rounder outer appearance).

     My 1988 Jeep Cherokee has been a pretty dependable vehicle since my mom purchased it. Earlier in its life, the Jeep suffered from a head on collision. While everyone said the Jeep was totaled and should be junked, my mom decided to have the front end rebuilt. No one knew the original AMC Internal Combustion Engine would go on to last 350,000 miles!

Jeep XJ Page Photo Jeep XJ Page Photo
My Jeep Cherokee before conversion. By the way, I'm not from
Florida, the Jeep is wearing one of my great Ebay purchases.

     Now, with over 410,000 miles on the odometer and the second Internal Combustion Engine under the hood, I think it's time for this seasoned Jeep to become an environmentally friendly electric vehicle. The following are the Jeep's specs before any work began for the conversion: