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Jeep EV Specifications

The following are the specifications for the
Jeep after its conversion to a Battery Electric Vehicle.

Year: 1988
Make: Jeep
Model: XJ Cherokee Pioneer, 4-Door
Transmission: Aisin Warner AX-15 5-speed manual
Transfer case: Stock New Process NP231 part-time case
Axles: Stock Dana 30 front/ Dana 35c rear
Final vehicle weight: < calculating... >
Power system type: Direct Current
Traction battery pack voltage: 160 VDC (Nominal); 140 to 210 VDC (Min./Max.)
Electric motor: Advanced DC 9.1" series wound motor
Maximum torque output:
(At the motor's output shaft)
~ 250 ft-lbs. (339 Nm) @ 1000 motor Amps;
Can be produced almost instantly from stall (0 RPM)
Motor controller: Cafe Electric Zilla 1K-LV
Batteries: (20) 8-Volt Trojan T-875 flooded lead-acid batteries
Battery weight (each): 63 lbs. (28.6 kg)
Total battery weight: 1260 lbs. (571.5 kg)
Average charging time: 2 hours from a 240-Volt AC source
5 to 8 hours from a 120-Volt AC source
Max. range per charge: 30 to 35 miles (48.3 to 56.3 km)
Average top speed: Tested up to 65 mph (104.6 km/hr) so far
Average efficiency: 520 Wh/mile
Battery charger: Manzanita Micro PFC-30 charger
DC/DC converter: 400-Watt DC/DC converter
Power steering pump: Electric-hydraulic pump from a Toyota MR2.
Air Conditioning: < On my To-Do list... >
Heater: {Located in San Antonio TX!}
Vacuum pump: Gast 12-volt electric pump
Instrumentation: Power, Battery charge, & Solar charge indicator LEDs by clock; Speedometer, Tachometer, traction battery pack Ammeter, & SLI system voltmeter in dash; E-Meter on steering column (combined traction battery pack voltage, current, energy, percent SoC, & "fuel" gauge)
Start of conversion: June 22, 2003
First drive as an EV: March 17, 2004
Conversion completion: August 2004
Total conversion time: About 14 months
Operating cost and a
quick comparison to
that of the Jeep while
it was gasoline powered:
(more to come)
Electric Jeep:
- Electricity is $0.07 USD per kWh here
- Averages 0.720 kWh per Mile energy usage
- $0.04 USD per mile operating cost
- $1.00 USD per 20 mile operating cost
- $10.00 USD per 200 mile operating cost

Gasoline Powered Jeep:
- Gasoline is around $2.50 USD per gallon
- 20 miles per gallon was the best fuel
  economy achieved in the Jeep when it
  was gasoline powered
- $25.00 USD per 200 miles (about a tank of gas)
- $2.50 USD per 20 mile operating cost
- $0.13 USD per mile operating cost

*The HIGH maintenance cost of gas-powered vehicles and the LOW maintenance cost of Electric Vehicles are not compared here*