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Heating & AC

     As with my plans for using Solar Power on the Jeep, I plan to in the future modify the heating and Air Conditioning (A/C) systems soon to function like stock. For now, the Jeep does have a functioning ventilation system (the Vent works), just no A/C or heat. A/C is almost a must in Texas' climate, where as heating is hardly needed.

     Air Conditioning in EVs seems to usually be handled one of two ways. The first is to mount the A/C compressor near the tailshaft of the electric motor and run it from the tail shaft using a belt and pulley system. A second way is to find a DC motor of the correct voltage and couple its shaft to the A/C compressor clutch which will run the A/C compressor independantly.

I plan to use the latter of the two methods for several reasons. First, if the A/C compressor is run off the electric motor's tailshaft, it will not be spinning when the vehicle is stopped (as electric motors do NOT "idle"). Instead, you'd only have A/C when the car is moving, which is sort of a bad solution in this hot climate. Also, if the A/C compressor is using mechanical power from the main electric motor, it is just that much horsepower being used on something other than moving the vehicle. With the A/C being driven by it's own motor, no mechanical power is being robbed from the main motor (and thus the vehicle' s wheels), and the A/C can run while the car is not moving.

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