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« August 2003 »

Nick Viera

      If you're reading my site and thinking "Who is this guy?", Here's a little info about my self: My name is Nick Viera and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I've been interested in electricity and lighting as long as I can remember. Fortunately, I have a dad who does electrical work and taught me most everything I know, and a mom who's environmentally conscience and generous enough to help fund my sometimes crazy projects. I became very interested in automotive repair when my mom gave me her well-traveled 1988 Jeep Cherokee to drive during my freshmen year of high school. The Jeep had issues due to its age and being worked on by several incompetent mechanics (see the Jeep XJ page for info regarding the Jeep before conversion). It was again in need of repairs and upgrades to keep it running well. So I spent about a year teaching myself how to properly fix it. I began with small things like replacing hoses and brake pads, and soon began taking on larger tasks until I became familiar with all parts of the Jeep.

      Less than a year later, during the summer between my Sophomore and Junior years of high school, I decided to put these two skills (among others) together and do something that could make a difference for the better. Thus I began the project of converting my 1988 Jeep Cherokee to a 100% Battery Electric Vehicle (EV) - by hand in my garage. Reasons are further discussed on The Idea page). The rest of the story continues as my Jeep and I push forward towards NO Gas, NO Emissions, NO Problems...

« September 12th, 2004 »

      More than one year later, about 15 months to be exact, the completion of my JeepEV conversion project is my present to myself just in time for my 18th birthday. Yes that's right, I was 17 years old (and a rising junior in high school) when I dove into my JeepEV project. I'm now a senior in high-school who has a fun Electric Vehicle to drive around in! For details about why the conversion took much longer than originally planned, jump over to the Completion Delays page.